The Differences Between Working in Higher Education and Corporate America

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7 thoughts on “The Differences Between Working in Higher Education and Corporate America

  1. Enjoyed the article. After 14 years in higher ed as a career center director, I recently plunged head-long into building a consulting business in career development. You’re spot on with regard to the depth of relationships in higher ed. As a newly self-employed career management consultant, I’m realizing the need for a good balance of the two worlds.

  2. Kelly,
    Yours was a enjoyable and interesting article to read. I spent the first 14 years of my professional like in Higher Ed, as a Director of Career Centers at 2 different universities. Then moved to the employer “side” as Director of College Relations for a consulting firm. I agree with your take on the differences. I used to put it slightly differently: time and money. On university campus, time seemed plentiful but money was nowhere to be found. At employer, time was money, so if you could buy time it was worth the investment. On campus, my team would take a semester or more to create a new product (workshop or publication), while at employer we would hire outside consultants to help bring the project home within a short period of time. My transition was in the late 1980s so I would have thought much has changed since then. Apparently not.


  3. Kelly, I couldn’t agree with you more. I spent many years managing corporate talent acquisition and now run a Career Center. Great read!

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