NACE Flash Poll: Is “Career” in Your Institution’s Curriculum?

kevin grubbNACE Ambassador Kevin Grubb
Assistant Director at Villanova University’s Career Center.
Twitter: @kevincgrubb
Blog: “social @ edu”

One of the latest trends in career services is the establishment of a career or professional development class embedded into curriculum. Courses may be required, optional, for credit or non-credit bearing. With the importance of career outcomes rising for colleges and universities, this is a new possible solution for providing career education to all students.

NACE blog readers, is “career” in your institution’s curriculum? Share your answer in this poll and tell us about your career course in a comment. What do you teach and how do you do it?

For more information on this topic, check out NACE’s Career Course Syllabi.

2 thoughts on “NACE Flash Poll: Is “Career” in Your Institution’s Curriculum?

  1. Our Career Services course is a 1 credit elective. Students who take it are always grateful and say it should be a mandatory class for all students.

  2. We have 1 credit Career Education courses for undecided students, students considering careers and how they relate to their chosen major, Juniors/Seniors for job search and life after graduation, and also internship credit for an alternative of what may not be available in academic internship options. We use the My Vocational Situation to assess before and after, and regularly have an increase of career readiness results at the end of the CE classes.

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