NACE Flash Poll: Will Social Media Replace the Resume?

kevin grubbNACE Ambassador Kevin Grubb
Assistant Director at Villanova University’s Career Center.
Twitter: @kevincgrubb
Blog: “social @ edu”

The use of social media in recruiting is a hot topic that’s not cooling down anytime soon. College recruiters consider a candidate’s online presence carefully, and college students use social media to learn about and connect with employers of choice.

A 2012 Forbes article, Facebook Can Tell You if A Person is Worth Hiring, cites research from Northern Illinois University which “suggests a person’s Facebook page can predict job performance and academic success.” This PCMag article discusses Klout’s possible influence on hiring decisions. And, of course, we all know how influential LinkedIn has been in recruiting lately. All of this talk has many speculating that “social media is the new resume.”

So, NACE blog readers, weigh in: do you think social media will replace the resume? Vote in the poll and share your thoughts on the future in a comment!

5 thoughts on “NACE Flash Poll: Will Social Media Replace the Resume?

  1. Resume documents are here until an entrepreneur designs a system for employers/hr professionals to manage and use the applicant “data” effectively. Go entrepreneurs for this possibly HUGE ROI!

    Beverly T. Lorig Sent from my iPhone


  2. LinkedIn is the closest to serving as a replacement. I don’t think it will replace the resume any time soon, but there is NO question that a candidate’s persona (and behavior) across social media platforms is and will continue to be a major consideration in hiring decisions.

    I like to say one of our primary jobs in Career Services is helping student create job opportunities on LinkedIn and not destroy them on Facebook…

  3. Chaim, I agree 100% and I love your saying!
    It’s hard to imagine social media replacing resumes. Businesses, hiring managers, and HR will have to lead that front not merely having social media platforms. I still see some professions that find social media relevant or as a necessity for applicants.

    • Great add to this discussion – some professions/fields may be more likely to rely heavily on social media as part or all of the evaluation process. Which ones do you think that pertains to? Marketing, advertising and PR come to my mind, as well as small organizations who may have less rigid hiring procedures in place.

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