Tweet With Dan Black on NACE Black Friday

Chaim ShapiroChaim Shapiro
Twitter: @chaimshapiro

It is the last week in November and Thanksgiving is on everyone’s mind.  This really is the quintessential American holiday.  My wife is already busy cooking up a storm for all of our guests for our first Thanksgiving in our new house.  I have assumed my usual role – staying out of the way and trying not ruin (or eat) any of the food (if Charlie Brown needs a meal, I CAN make some VERY good air-popped popcorn).

Black Friday IS famous for it opportunities to get those things you have always wanted, from HDTV’s to fancy clothes hangers (also known as exercise machines).

There is a lot of talk this year about the creeping “Black Friday.”  As I understand it some people seem very upset that retailers are opening early and conflicting with the ancient rituals of the day-like NFL football.  

Fear not, NACE is going to have a Black Friday of its own this year. Fortunately, you won’t have to run out in the cold, or leave the Thanksgiving Dinner cleanup to someone else to participate  You see, NACE Black Friday is a Twitter Chat on Friday, December 6th from 2-4 PM ET with the aptly named President of NACE, Dan Black at #NACEBlackFriday.

If there is anything you have wanted to know about NACE, but were afraid to ask, this is your chance! I can personally attest that NACE is very receptive to member feedback, and Dan has made member engagement a high priority for the year. So please, come with your questions and your suggestions.  This is your chance to become more active and take whatever is on your mind straight to the top!

So grab whatever iteration of turkey leftovers you may still have (how come there is never pumpkin pie leftover?) and join #NACEBlackFriday.  No. You won’t get an HDTV, but your $.02 will never go further to help chart the future of NACE. Perhaps you can even start with a suggestion as to what to call this event next year when President-Elect Sam Ratcliffe is in charge!

All kidding aside and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I do want to express my thanks to the NACE staff.  It has been a true honor for me to take a more active role in NACE the last couple of years, and  have been fortunate enough to see the dedication and professionalism of the NACE staff first hand.  Their hard work makes all of the things we take for granted from NACE come to fruition.  Everyone in our profession owes them our sincere thanks!

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