#NACE13: Let the Countdown Begin

Sarah MartinA post by Guest Blogger, Sarah Martin, College Relations and Social Media Recruiter, Garmin International

Twitter: @workatgarmin

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/SarahMartin1

#NACE13. My first NACE conference! I’ve been looking forward to this event for months and am so honored to participate as a guest blogger. My background? I’ve been recruiting for 9 years, the last 3 of which have been exclusively college recruitment at Garmin International. A year ago we started incorporating social media into our company recruitment efforts, which has been an extremely interesting and educational adventure. I’m so thankful to have a mentor who has paved the way for social media within Garmin! Our current recruitment efforts, with regards to social media, are primarily focused on Twitter (@workatgarmin). There are so many avenues to reach potential candidates, we are continually evaluating the most strategic and effective ways to connect with our target audience.

It’s amazing to think about how much my role as a recruiter has changed over the last (almost) decade. When I started recruiting, the company I worked for (a progressive healthcare system) had paper applications. We filled our openings by attending career fairs and other recruitment events. Today at Garmin (an innovative technology company), we accept online applications, attend virtual career fairs, host a variety of recruitment events, and are inserting ourselves into the ever changing world of social media as it relates to recruitment. One thing that hasn’t changed? The value of networking. I look forward to meeting a variety of individuals at #NACE13: Career Services Representatives, College Recruiters, and other industry experts.

There are so many great workshops to attend, I’m not sure if I will be able to fit everything in. I’m lucky that a co-worker of mine is also attending, so we can tag team. Now comes the time to get strategic and prioritize! One workshop at the top of my list is “Social Media and College Recruits: Bring an “A Game.” The title alone speaks my language, and a bonus is that the presenter is an expert on this topic. Sign me up!

I’m happy to share the information I learn at #NACE13. Please stay tuned, because I will be blogging throughout the course of the conference, and I’m open to any questions/feedback.

2 thoughts on “#NACE13: Let the Countdown Begin

  1. Technology has indeed helped. I agree, networking and face to face interactions are irreplaceable. I learned that identifying the “right” channels where your target audience is listening is key to successful interactions. Being genuinely interested first rather than trying to be interesting will attract top candidates. Wold class people and passive candidates will do their research and use content to make decisions on who they should pursue. Technology has helped “scale” our reach. I don’t know if you would agree, but it would be a mistake to point the recruiting radars towards the same 10 campuses, channels etc. and potentially dismiss candidates that have the #talent.

  2. I look forward to hearing your take on the social media and college recruits seminar. I’m very curious about the average quality of candidate that social media brings in. My company, UrbanBound, handles employee relocation, and we’ve been talking to companies about their recruiting efforts a lot lately. With the exception of LinkedIn, it doesn’t seem like many people are using social media as much.

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