Mobile Engagement – The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup of #NACE13 Sessions

Doug MillerA post by Guest Blogger, Doug Miller, faculty member and New Media Manager, DePaul University

Douglas Lee Miller – Chicago, IL | On Twitter: @douglasLmiller

Once upon a time, hip youngsters strutting down the street and oblivious to anything but their mobile device looked a little bit different…

Yet, as much as the music, devices, and marketing seem to have changed there are many things that stay the same. The taste of chocolate and peanut butter is still a favorite (and why not?) and youth still seems synonymous with the early adoption of technological trends.

Despite these consistencies, we who work in Higher Education consider it a given that there is a need to stay on top of the world of our audience (and why not?) so we can better communicate with and prepare them. In recent years this has been especially so when it comes to the myriad ways technology has taken center stage in nearly every aspect of our lives.

First it was the Internet – a digital revolution that had us all predicting the death of the printed page. Suddenly every conference presentation and professional learning module is peppered with talk of moving services online, building websites, sending emails. Then we perseverated over all things Social Media – if there were no comments, it wasn’t Web 2.0 enough and everybody was learning about the predicted death of one-way communication and the end of emails. Today, the object of our obsession is Mobile – if there isn’t an app for it, you’re doing it wrong, and you might as well Snapchat that resume tutorial and set it to expire in seven seconds.

The truth of the matter is that the printed page is still alive and well, most of us would like nothing more than to see the death of email (which is nowhere in sight) and doing “mobile” right may not necessarily require building an app at all.

But we still must perform our due diligence to keep ourselves educated about the world of our audience. What then must we cover? How then must we learn? These are exactly the types of things we aim to cover in our learning session about Mobile at NACE13.

There is so much data covering the rise in adoption of mobile devices. We will cover some of that in specific terms from a variety of sources which are by no means exhaustive but hopefully a great start. Then we will talk about some options on the table for how to approach thinking about folding mobile contexts into your strategies in general. Then we will discuss some specific tactical mobile deployments and cover the entry points of how-to and where to find more information.

One of the common themes of the session will be to discuss the ways mobile, social, and Internet in general all stem from that same great combination of flavors that has fueled the fusion of technology, community, and communication. In some ways and in some situations, the best answer for mobile may look a lot like the best answer for social.

And, who knows – maybe we’ll bring some Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups along just to drive the point home and leave everybody happy. Won’t you join us?

Is there something about mobile you are dying to know that you think we may not cover? Let us know in advance via this Google doc form:

Mobile Issues You’d Like to See Covered via our Session at #NACE13 #NACE13mobile

Also – there are a number of sessions that will likely talk about Mobile this year, yes? Let’s aggregate everything under the tag #NACE13mobile, shall we?

See you in Orlando!

Mobile Career Services: The Next Frontier in Student Engagement

Track: Branding & Marketing

Level: Intermediate

Program Format: Peer-to-Peer

Audience: College

Want to reach students? The mobile web is where you need to be: Nearly 60 percent of college students use smartphones, and an increasing percentage are using them to access web resources from mobile devices. Before you launch your own mobile initiative, learn from this panel of experts about trends, adoption, and user behavior, and find out how key technologies—geolocation, APIs, and social media—impact the mobile experience.

Presenters: Janet Sun, ConnectEDU; Doug Miller, DePaul University; and Harold Bell, Spelman College

NACE – Workshops: NACE 2013 Conference & Expo

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