New & Improved!

Hello NACE Blog followers, Happy Tuesday! As you might have noticed, this blog has recently been given a massive overhaul, complete with a new look and name. Allow us to present to you, the new and improved, NACE Blog!

Last year, we launched The NACE Conference Blog as a way to connect with both attendees and non-attendees at the 2012 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas. The blog was a huge success and received rave reviews from those in the social scope. However, as the conference came to an end, we found the blog stagnant and under utilized. Branded as a “conference blog” really put us into a very constricting box that didn’t allow for the types of discussion the wide variety of subjects that the National Association of Colleges and Employers reports on every day. And so, as we gear up for this year’s 2013 Conference & Expo in Orlando, we decided to retire the conference blog idea and re-launch a new organization-wide network.

Keep watching right here for the latest NACE research, benchmarks, best practices, professional development, salary data and more dealing with Career Services and University Recruiting. We invite you to connect with the NACE blog by bookmarking the URL, signing up for email updates, or following the RSS feed. If you have any questions about NACE or our presence on social media, shoot me an email at or tweet me, @NACEOrg!

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