Fantastic #NACE12 Keynote Address by @Shama Kabani

It seemed like one of the hottest topics at NACE12 was social media and we were so pleased to have Shama Kabani continue the conversation.

In the last half of her presentation Shama discussed a top 10 list of resources we all should be using. I thought I’d highlight BrandYourself because it’s a relatively new tool that  can be incredibly useful to all of us as professionals as well as for students entering the corporate world.

I signed up for the free account this morning and received a lot of quick, relevant information – like there are hundreds of other professional and not-so-professional  “Ashley Miller’s” out there all competing for the top 10 results on Google. Since I’ve had a profile on LinkedIn for, what seems like, the last million years, I thought I didn’t have anything to worry about. As it turns out I’ve got some work to do to brand myself which is good to know!

To see from Shama and how to excel at social media, find her:

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