The Great Conversations Happening at #NACE12

Key topics we heard talked about day 1 of the conference:

Discussing the connections between retention, graduation, and career services and how we assess and measure improvement #NACE12.  — @IUPUISolCtr

Internal culture and people are the bulk of your employer brand. Recruitment marketing/the external message isn’t what makes it #NACE12.  — ‏@talentminded

Gen. Y candidates assume recruiters have their best interest in mind, what are you doing to personalize the process #NACE12.  — @MrCareerGuy

“don’t be a jerk” – a simple social media policy via @lindseypollak #nace12.  — @NYUWasserman

To build an employer brand, talk about your profession/industry in addition to your org. Be a part of the students’ education. #NACE12.  — @kevincgrubb

Technical skills are important, but we must teach our students “soft skills” (communication, decision making, etc.) for success. #NACE12.  — @jenrmcgill

Employers should de-mystify their industry & careers. Most students have no idea how big the opportunity is. Show them. #NACE12.  — @kbaumann

More students using LinkedIn and Twitter for job search from Class of 2012 than in previous years #NACE12.  — @eva_kubu

“one size” fits all recruiting doesn’t work anymore…candidates don’t want to be part of a wide net, they want individualization. #NACE12  — @SherriDickie

Our role as career serv pros is to educate our students on how/why to use social media. It’s an exciting time in our profession #NACE12.  — @shannonckelly

Make website needs based rather than resource based, great tip by MIT career services presentation at #NACE12.  — @faroukdey

“It’s ok to say you made a mistake” -Dawn Carter. That’s a great reminder for us all to be transparent. We’re human behind Twitter! #NACE12  — @ledgerwoodl

Woot! Apparently the name of the #twitter birdie is Larry. Things you hear at #NACE12.  — @LMDallaVecchia

I can’t tell you how excited I am go get back to work and implement our new social media strategy! #NACE12  — @CashCowan

Awesome day #NACE12 Met some new colleagues. Gleaned a ton of new information to take home and share with the office!! Can’t wait for day 2!  — @toph11

Catch up on what’s being talked about at the conference by following #NACE12 on Twitter or checking out the conference twitter stream.

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