More Great Conversations Happening at NACE12!

The more goals you have the less likely you are to succeed. Keep it between 1-3. Lessons learned from resetting your strategic plan #NACE12 – @molly_m_mcbride

Building credibility with HR partners and line leaders is critical to the campus recruiting function. #NACE12 – @MrCareerGuy

We need to provide the right data to parents to guide them to the right questions (and away from placement) #NACE12 – @garyalanmiller

Global peer ambassadors help @NYUWasserman provide career services abroad. Are other institutions doing similar things? #NYU#GNU#NACE12. – @HTranen

College recruiting (with solid metrics) is the lifeblood of recruiting for organizations #NACE12. – @CigarSPHR

Every person associated with your organization is now the media. Society has changed #NACE12. – ‏@CindyBillington

Such an excellent point… your website is the only one you own, so don’t rely solely on social platforms because it could go away #NACE12. – @talentminded

Have you been paying attention to your digital footprint? Google yourself/your company. Thanks for the reminder ‏@shama ! #NACE12. – @ledgerwoodl

Google+ not powerful yet, but it will be – it blends search and social. #NACE12 – @janaatwork
We are hearing from the folks back home that they are following along with the tweets to get a flavor of what’s being talked about at NACE12. Thanks to all the tweeps for these great sound bites!

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