Sir Ken Talks about Creativity, Empathy and Innovation

Sir Ken Robinson addressed all the NACE12 attendees this morning with a thought-provoking presentation.

In business the price is high for the failure to adapt. He often hears business leaders ask how we can teach organizations to be more creative. How do we innovate to deliver new products and services so as not to become obsolete?

He says, “what we need are people who are open to possibilities and who are willing to act.” Under the right conditions people flourish and grow. Under models of compliance folks hunker down and protect themselves. People need opportunities to explore their imagination, empathy and creativity. They need time and diverse experiences to discover their passions and how to leverage their unique talents.

This discovery is even more critical since we are in a time of revolution including an unprecedented population expansion, rapid technological innovation and excessive demands on the environment.

For more check out Sir Ken Robinson’s book called The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything.

“No one has had the life you have had. You create your life.”

-Sir Ken Robinson

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