Effective Ways Employers are Communicating to Students

Career services professionals came together Wednesday afternoon to talk about “the ultimate employer”. Here are some tactics that they saw campus recruiters employ to successfully communicate with students:

  • Promoting all the types of positions the company hires for. For example a software company may not just hire computer sciences majors but may also be aggressively trying to fill positions in sales, marketing or operations
  • Develop tools to help career services convey the details about your program especially if you can’t be on campus. Disney does this well with their “information session” video on YouTube
  • Providing a timeline to students, i.e. you will hear back from us in one week
  • Make sure the company representatives who are on-campus and/or the hiring managers know what your company’s hiring processes and policies are so they are not unintentionally giving bad advice
  • When a student is accepted to a on campus interview invite the student into a closed LinkedIn group and keep them in the loop about the process and continue communicating with these students to keep them engaged
  • At career fairs or info sessions give to students a small handout detailing the next steps to take to apply to open positions within the company

Attendees – there will be a wrap up of this forum combined with a campus recruiting forum at this Friday’s closing session The Ultimate Candidate Meets the Ideal Employer (Vendome).

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