Check out a clip of @EmilyBennington’s #NACE12 presentation!

Emily Bennington, coauthor of Effective Immediately: How to Fit In, Stand Out, and Move Up at Your First Real Job, presented about onboarding at the NACE 2012 Conference & Expo. Below is a clip from her session discussing the importance of measurable career goals. Thanks so much for sharing Emily! Follow her on twitter, @EmilyBennington, and tell her what you think.

The winner of the #NACE12 human sign contest is…


In case you’ve forgot since last week, we had several NACE staff members strategically positioned on the walk from Paris to Bally’s to make sure no one got lost heading over to the Skyview rooms for their sessions. The staff had such a good time with it, we started a contest of who was the best “human sign”. You can see the entries on a previous blog post by clicking here. Congratulations goes out to Ramon, who took the title with 51% of the votes. Great job to Lori and Aijaz as well. Look for Ramon rocking a sign next year in a hallway of the Marriott World Center!

Here’s What People are Saying About #NACE12

We are hearing lots of good things about NACE12. Attendees especially liked the new formats, the sessions and the keynotes. Here is what we’ve heard so far:

Back in the saddle after a great week of networking at #NACE12. Great sessions, great connections!  – @MichMerc

@NACEOrg you guys were awesome! I declare #NACE12 to be a total success. Thank you! – @Shama

Thanks to all the people who tweeted from #NACE12. It was great to follow the conference back channel. – @LizRothenberg1

Had an awesome week at #NACE12! I’m looking forward to #NACE13 in Orlando! So much to bring back and share. – @CashCowan

Leaving Las Vegas! Thanks to all the #NACE12 speakers for a great conference. – @AonCampus


Congrats to @Martimehi and the entire @NACEOrg team. Great people and hard work have rewards. Nothing but rave reviews! #NACE12 – @SdotTalbo

Had a fantastic time at #NACE12- learned lots, made new connections, and bonded with my colleagues. #fb – @robinsnc

Thanks to #NACEorg for another great #NACE12 conference! Learned a lot and met super people. Looking forward to implementing great ideas! – @NoraElm

Please share your greatest takeaway from #nace12. I learned new social media and student engagement practices I can’t wait to implement. – @CindyBillington

@cindybillington My greatest #NACE12 takeaway was video, video, video & that I need smartphone so I don’t rely on wifi for tweeting. – @MeaghanWeir

Fantastic #NACE12 Keynote Address by @Shama Kabani

It seemed like one of the hottest topics at NACE12 was social media and we were so pleased to have Shama Kabani continue the conversation.

In the last half of her presentation Shama discussed a top 10 list of resources we all should be using. I thought I’d highlight BrandYourself because it’s a relatively new tool that  can be incredibly useful to all of us as professionals as well as for students entering the corporate world.

I signed up for the free account this morning and received a lot of quick, relevant information – like there are hundreds of other professional and not-so-professional  “Ashley Miller’s” out there all competing for the top 10 results on Google. Since I’ve had a profile on LinkedIn for, what seems like, the last million years, I thought I didn’t have anything to worry about. As it turns out I’ve got some work to do to brand myself which is good to know!

To see from Shama and how to excel at social media, find her:

More Great Conversations Happening at NACE12!

The more goals you have the less likely you are to succeed. Keep it between 1-3. Lessons learned from resetting your strategic plan #NACE12 – @molly_m_mcbride

Building credibility with HR partners and line leaders is critical to the campus recruiting function. #NACE12 – @MrCareerGuy

We need to provide the right data to parents to guide them to the right questions (and away from placement) #NACE12 – @garyalanmiller

Global peer ambassadors help @NYUWasserman provide career services abroad. Are other institutions doing similar things? #NYU#GNU#NACE12. – @HTranen

College recruiting (with solid metrics) is the lifeblood of recruiting for organizations #NACE12. – @CigarSPHR

Every person associated with your organization is now the media. Society has changed #NACE12. – ‏@CindyBillington

Such an excellent point… your website is the only one you own, so don’t rely solely on social platforms because it could go away #NACE12. – @talentminded

Have you been paying attention to your digital footprint? Google yourself/your company. Thanks for the reminder ‏@shama ! #NACE12. – @ledgerwoodl

Google+ not powerful yet, but it will be – it blends search and social. #NACE12 – @janaatwork
We are hearing from the folks back home that they are following along with the tweets to get a flavor of what’s being talked about at NACE12. Thanks to all the tweeps for these great sound bites!

#NACE12 Site Tours

This year, NACE offered attendees the opportunity to go off site and visit and learn about two nearby companies. Zappos hosted a small group on Tuesday for a one hour tour of their headquarters and on Wednesday the Bellagio Food and Beverage team took a group on a back-of-house tour of three of their fine dining restaurants and treated them to a special presentation of their famous fountain show. Below are several photos from the Bellagio tour and a video review of the Zappos tour. Make sure you look for these fantastic opportunities at the 2013 Conference & Expo and sign up early!