“When In Doubt, Wear Red.”

The title of this blog post is a quote from Bill Blass, an American fashion designer who used the color frequently in his work. He believed that regardless of your skin, eye or hair color, red will always look good on you. It is fitting then that the theme of the conference’s Opening Celebration and Awards Presentation is “Paint the Town Red!” and of course we encourage everyone to wear their best red outfits – red dress, red shirt, red tie, anything you’ve got as long as it’s red! This fun event will kick off the NACE 2012 Conference & Expo on Tuesday night, June 12 from 6-9 pm in the Vendome. Get excited to mingle with other attendees, celebrate the achievements of your peers, and enjoy light fare and beverages on your first night in Las Vegas. Whatever you do, don’t forget to pack your RED!

Thanks to the Chevron Corporation and Northrop Grumman for sponsoring what is sure to be a great night at #NACE12!

One thought on ““When In Doubt, Wear Red.”

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