Mobile Engagement – The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup of #NACE13 Sessions

Doug MillerA post by Guest Blogger, Doug Miller, faculty member and New Media Manager, DePaul University

Douglas Lee Miller – Chicago, IL | On Twitter: @douglasLmiller

Once upon a time, hip youngsters strutting down the street and oblivious to anything but their mobile device looked a little bit different…

Yet, as much as the music, devices, and marketing seem to have changed there are many things that stay the same. The taste of chocolate and peanut butter is still a favorite (and why not?) and youth still seems synonymous with the early adoption of technological trends.

Despite these consistencies, we who work in Higher Education consider it a given that there is a need to stay on top of the world of our audience (and why not?) so we can better communicate with and prepare them. In recent years this has been especially so when it comes to the myriad ways technology has taken center stage in nearly every aspect of our lives.

First it was the Internet – a digital revolution that had us all predicting the death of the printed page. Suddenly every conference presentation and professional learning module is peppered with talk of moving services online, building websites, sending emails. Then we perseverated over all things Social Media – if there were no comments, it wasn’t Web 2.0 enough and everybody was learning about the predicted death of one-way communication and the end of emails. Today, the object of our obsession is Mobile – if there isn’t an app for it, you’re doing it wrong, and you might as well Snapchat that resume tutorial and set it to expire in seven seconds.

The truth of the matter is that the printed page is still alive and well, most of us would like nothing more than to see the death of email (which is nowhere in sight) and doing “mobile” right may not necessarily require building an app at all.

But we still must perform our due diligence to keep ourselves educated about the world of our audience. What then must we cover? How then must we learn? These are exactly the types of things we aim to cover in our learning session about Mobile at NACE13.

There is so much data covering the rise in adoption of mobile devices. We will cover some of that in specific terms from a variety of sources which are by no means exhaustive but hopefully a great start. Then we will talk about some options on the table for how to approach thinking about folding mobile contexts into your strategies in general. Then we will discuss some specific tactical mobile deployments and cover the entry points of how-to and where to find more information.

One of the common themes of the session will be to discuss the ways mobile, social, and Internet in general all stem from that same great combination of flavors that has fueled the fusion of technology, community, and communication. In some ways and in some situations, the best answer for mobile may look a lot like the best answer for social.

And, who knows – maybe we’ll bring some Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups along just to drive the point home and leave everybody happy. Won’t you join us?

Is there something about mobile you are dying to know that you think we may not cover? Let us know in advance via this Google doc form:

Mobile Issues You’d Like to See Covered via our Session at #NACE13 #NACE13mobile

Also – there are a number of sessions that will likely talk about Mobile this year, yes? Let’s aggregate everything under the tag #NACE13mobile, shall we?

See you in Orlando!

Mobile Career Services: The Next Frontier in Student Engagement

Track: Branding & Marketing

Level: Intermediate

Program Format: Peer-to-Peer

Audience: College

Want to reach students? The mobile web is where you need to be: Nearly 60 percent of college students use smartphones, and an increasing percentage are using them to access web resources from mobile devices. Before you launch your own mobile initiative, learn from this panel of experts about trends, adoption, and user behavior, and find out how key technologies—geolocation, APIs, and social media—impact the mobile experience.

Presenters: Janet Sun, ConnectEDU; Doug Miller, DePaul University; and Harold Bell, Spelman College

NACE – Workshops: NACE 2013 Conference & Expo

How I’m Getting Ready for NACE 2013

kevin grubbA post by NACE Guest Blogger, Kevin Grubb.
Assistant Director at Villanova University’s Career Center.
Twitter: @kevincgrubb
Blog: “social @ edu”.


It’s officially Spring in Pennsylvania. I can tell because of the things you’d expect to notice in Spring: the sun is shining, the trees are blooming, and it’s still light outside even when I’m eating dinner.  But, I can also tell because all over campus at Villanova, backpacks are overflowing, notes are being taken at furious pace, and laptops are needing charge at all hours of the day.  I’ve been there myself, and I’d know this look anywhere: it’s finals season, for sure.

As I start to think ahead to a quieter campus after the academic year concludes, I can’t help but get excited about one of the high points of summer: the NACE 2013 conference.  I’ve been fortunate to attend the NACE conference twice since my start in the field of career services, and I’m looking forward to making the third time the charm.

It’s an honor to be a guest blogger for the NACE conference this year, and I solemnly swear to do my best to provide valuable tips, notes, and ideas I learn in my posts.  In the spirit of that, I thought I’d kick things off by sharing some of the ways I’m preparing myself for the trip this year.  To start, I offer you NACE’s conference website (pictured below), which is full of info to help you get moving.

The NACE 2013 Conference home page

The NACE 2013 Conference home page

And here are some of my specific to dos (some completed, some yet to be done):

  • Tweeted that I’ll be attending the conference and used #NACE13 to see who else might be going in my network (and to see who I might meet in person!)
  • I already looked the conference schedule of events to make sure I booked my flights accordingly, but I’m looking again now to familiarize myself with everything
  • Read up on the keynote speakers – after watching his video, I am particularly excited for Jeremy Gutsche, but to be honest they all look interesting
  • Begin to determine who I’d like to visit in the Exhibitors area at the conference.  I’ve gotten to meet some people I’ve only spoken with on the phone and learn about some really useful products at the NACE conference.  But, just like I tell students about career fairs, it’s important to have an idea of who I really want to see so I don’t get overwhelmed in the room.
  • Review the list of conference Workshops and pick some of my favorites, specifically the “must haves.”  Sometimes, I pick workshops because they are directly related to my role or work in the office, and sometimes I pick one or two because they will stretch me professionally.  At the conference, I like to have a mix of being both a conversation contributor and an observer in awe.  Picking the right workshops is a strategic move for me.
  • Look up something fun to do in Orlando!  I always have fun while I’m at the conference, and looking up some evening activities will make it even more enjoyable.  It’s not quite a “vacation,” but maybe something in between.  A “vayconference” perhaps?

So, that’s where I’ve started.  How are you preparing for NACE 13?  I’d be interested to hear your tips, too.

New & Improved!

Hello NACE Blog followers, Happy Tuesday! As you might have noticed, this blog has recently been given a massive overhaul, complete with a new look and name. Allow us to present to you, the new and improved, NACE Blog!

Last year, we launched The NACE Conference Blog as a way to connect with both attendees and non-attendees at the 2012 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas. The blog was a huge success and received rave reviews from those in the social scope. However, as the conference came to an end, we found the blog stagnant and under utilized. Branded as a “conference blog” really put us into a very constricting box that didn’t allow for the types of discussion the wide variety of subjects that the National Association of Colleges and Employers reports on every day. And so, as we gear up for this year’s 2013 Conference & Expo in Orlando, we decided to retire the conference blog idea and re-launch a new organization-wide network.

Keep watching right here for the latest NACE research, benchmarks, best practices, professional development, salary data and more dealing with Career Services and University Recruiting. We invite you to connect with the NACE blog by bookmarking the URL, signing up for email updates, or following the RSS feed. If you have any questions about NACE or our presence on social media, shoot me an email at or tweet me, @NACEOrg!

The winner of the #NACE12 human sign contest is…


In case you’ve forgot since last week, we had several NACE staff members strategically positioned on the walk from Paris to Bally’s to make sure no one got lost heading over to the Skyview rooms for their sessions. The staff had such a good time with it, we started a contest of who was the best “human sign”. You can see the entries on a previous blog post by clicking here. Congratulations goes out to Ramon, who took the title with 51% of the votes. Great job to Lori and Aijaz as well. Look for Ramon rocking a sign next year in a hallway of the Marriott World Center!

Here’s What People are Saying About #NACE12

We are hearing lots of good things about NACE12. Attendees especially liked the new formats, the sessions and the keynotes. Here is what we’ve heard so far:

Back in the saddle after a great week of networking at #NACE12. Great sessions, great connections!  – @MichMerc

@NACEOrg you guys were awesome! I declare #NACE12 to be a total success. Thank you! – @Shama

Thanks to all the people who tweeted from #NACE12. It was great to follow the conference back channel. – @LizRothenberg1

Had an awesome week at #NACE12! I’m looking forward to #NACE13 in Orlando! So much to bring back and share. – @CashCowan

Leaving Las Vegas! Thanks to all the #NACE12 speakers for a great conference. – @AonCampus


Congrats to @Martimehi and the entire @NACEOrg team. Great people and hard work have rewards. Nothing but rave reviews! #NACE12 – @SdotTalbo

Had a fantastic time at #NACE12- learned lots, made new connections, and bonded with my colleagues. #fb - @robinsnc

Thanks to #NACEorg for another great #NACE12 conference! Learned a lot and met super people. Looking forward to implementing great ideas! – @NoraElm

Please share your greatest takeaway from #nace12. I learned new social media and student engagement practices I can’t wait to implement. – @CindyBillington

@cindybillington My greatest #NACE12 takeaway was video, video, video & that I need smartphone so I don’t rely on wifi for tweeting. – @MeaghanWeir

More Great Conversations Happening at NACE12!

The more goals you have the less likely you are to succeed. Keep it between 1-3. Lessons learned from resetting your strategic plan #NACE12 – @molly_m_mcbride

Building credibility with HR partners and line leaders is critical to the campus recruiting function. #NACE12 – @MrCareerGuy

We need to provide the right data to parents to guide them to the right questions (and away from placement) #NACE12 – @garyalanmiller

Global peer ambassadors help @NYUWasserman provide career services abroad. Are other institutions doing similar things? #NYU#GNU#NACE12. – @HTranen

College recruiting (with solid metrics) is the lifeblood of recruiting for organizations #NACE12. – @CigarSPHR

Every person associated with your organization is now the media. Society has changed #NACE12. – ‏@CindyBillington

Such an excellent point… your website is the only one you own, so don’t rely solely on social platforms because it could go away #NACE12. – @talentminded

Have you been paying attention to your digital footprint? Google yourself/your company. Thanks for the reminder ‏@shama ! #NACE12. – @ledgerwoodl

Google+ not powerful yet, but it will be – it blends search and social. #NACE12 – @janaatwork
We are hearing from the folks back home that they are following along with the tweets to get a flavor of what’s being talked about at NACE12. Thanks to all the tweeps for these great sound bites!

Vote for the best #NACE12 human sign!

If you’ve traveled over to Bally’s Skyview rooms for some sessions, you’ve probably noticed NACE staff holding lollipop signs directing you to the elevators. We’ve heard some crazy stories about those human signs so we decided to see what you think. Vote for who is your favorite human sign – Ramon, Lori, or Aijaz!

The poll is now CLOSED, Thanks everyone for voting!
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