Check out a clip of @EmilyBennington’s #NACE12 presentation!

Emily Bennington, coauthor of Effective Immediately: How to Fit In, Stand Out, and Move Up at Your First Real Job, presented about onboarding at the NACE 2012 Conference & Expo. Below is a clip from her session discussing the importance of measurable career goals. Thanks so much for sharing Emily! Follow her on twitter, @EmilyBennington, and tell her what you think.

Fantastic #NACE12 Keynote Address by @Shama Kabani

It seemed like one of the hottest topics at NACE12 was social media and we were so pleased to have Shama Kabani continue the conversation.

In the last half of her presentation Shama discussed a top 10 list of resources we all should be using. I thought I’d highlight BrandYourself because it’s a relatively new tool that  can be incredibly useful to all of us as professionals as well as for students entering the corporate world.

I signed up for the free account this morning and received a lot of quick, relevant information – like there are hundreds of other professional and not-so-professional  “Ashley Miller’s” out there all competing for the top 10 results on Google. Since I’ve had a profile on LinkedIn for, what seems like, the last million years, I thought I didn’t have anything to worry about. As it turns out I’ve got some work to do to brand myself which is good to know!

To see from Shama and how to excel at social media, find her:

#NACE12 Site Tours

This year, NACE offered attendees the opportunity to go off site and visit and learn about two nearby companies. Zappos hosted a small group on Tuesday for a one hour tour of their headquarters and on Wednesday the Bellagio Food and Beverage team took a group on a back-of-house tour of three of their fine dining restaurants and treated them to a special presentation of their famous fountain show. Below are several photos from the Bellagio tour and a video review of the Zappos tour. Make sure you look for these fantastic opportunities at the 2013 Conference & Expo and sign up early!

The Great Conversations Happening at #NACE12

Key topics we heard talked about day 1 of the conference:

Discussing the connections between retention, graduation, and career services and how we assess and measure improvement #NACE12.  — @IUPUISolCtr

Internal culture and people are the bulk of your employer brand. Recruitment marketing/the external message isn’t what makes it #NACE12.  — ‏@talentminded

Gen. Y candidates assume recruiters have their best interest in mind, what are you doing to personalize the process #NACE12.  — @MrCareerGuy

“don’t be a jerk” – a simple social media policy via @lindseypollak #nace12.  — @NYUWasserman

To build an employer brand, talk about your profession/industry in addition to your org. Be a part of the students’ education. #NACE12.  — @kevincgrubb

Technical skills are important, but we must teach our students “soft skills” (communication, decision making, etc.) for success. #NACE12.  — @jenrmcgill

Employers should de-mystify their industry & careers. Most students have no idea how big the opportunity is. Show them. #NACE12.  — @kbaumann

More students using LinkedIn and Twitter for job search from Class of 2012 than in previous years #NACE12.  — @eva_kubu

“one size” fits all recruiting doesn’t work anymore…candidates don’t want to be part of a wide net, they want individualization. #NACE12  — @SherriDickie

Our role as career serv pros is to educate our students on how/why to use social media. It’s an exciting time in our profession #NACE12.  — @shannonckelly

Make website needs based rather than resource based, great tip by MIT career services presentation at #NACE12.  — @faroukdey

“It’s ok to say you made a mistake” -Dawn Carter. That’s a great reminder for us all to be transparent. We’re human behind Twitter! #NACE12  — @ledgerwoodl

Woot! Apparently the name of the #twitter birdie is Larry. Things you hear at #NACE12.  — @LMDallaVecchia

I can’t tell you how excited I am go get back to work and implement our new social media strategy! #NACE12  — @CashCowan

Awesome day #NACE12 Met some new colleagues. Gleaned a ton of new information to take home and share with the office!! Can’t wait for day 2!  — @toph11

Catch up on what’s being talked about at the conference by following #NACE12 on Twitter or checking out the conference twitter stream.

Effective Ways Employers are Communicating to Students

Career services professionals came together Wednesday afternoon to talk about “the ultimate employer”. Here are some tactics that they saw campus recruiters employ to successfully communicate with students:

  • Promoting all the types of positions the company hires for. For example a software company may not just hire computer sciences majors but may also be aggressively trying to fill positions in sales, marketing or operations
  • Develop tools to help career services convey the details about your program especially if you can’t be on campus. Disney does this well with their “information session” video on YouTube
  • Providing a timeline to students, i.e. you will hear back from us in one week
  • Make sure the company representatives who are on-campus and/or the hiring managers know what your company’s hiring processes and policies are so they are not unintentionally giving bad advice
  • When a student is accepted to a on campus interview invite the student into a closed LinkedIn group and keep them in the loop about the process and continue communicating with these students to keep them engaged
  • At career fairs or info sessions give to students a small handout detailing the next steps to take to apply to open positions within the company

Attendees – there will be a wrap up of this forum combined with a campus recruiting forum at this Friday’s closing session The Ultimate Candidate Meets the Ideal Employer (Vendome).

Students Can Improve Their Communication Skills for Business

Campus recruiters joined together this morning for a discussion forum focused on “the ultimate candidate”.  One section of this conversation centered on the need for students to improve their communication skills which will then boost their success during the hiring process and in their careers. Employers cited the following areas of opportunities for students:

  • Honing professional phone conversation skills
  • Learning presentation skills and the optimal use of PowerPoint
  • The ability to easily transition between different types of interview questions (i.e. some questions only require a simple answer where other questions deserve a more detailed explanation with examples)
  • Improved business writing skills

Attendees – check out Friday’s closing session The Ultimate Candidate Meets the Ideal Employer (Vendome).