Effective Ways Employers are Communicating to Students

Career services professionals came together Wednesday afternoon to talk about “the ultimate employer”. Here are some tactics that they saw campus recruiters employ to successfully communicate with students:

  • Promoting all the types of positions the company hires for. For example a software company may not just hire computer sciences majors but may also be aggressively trying to fill positions in sales, marketing or operations
  • Develop tools to help career services convey the details about your program especially if you can’t be on campus. Disney does this well with their “information session” video on YouTube
  • Providing a timeline to students, i.e. you will hear back from us in one week
  • Make sure the company representatives who are on-campus and/or the hiring managers know what your company’s hiring processes and policies are so they are not unintentionally giving bad advice
  • When a student is accepted to a on campus interview invite the student into a closed LinkedIn group and keep them in the loop about the process and continue communicating with these students to keep them engaged
  • At career fairs or info sessions give to students a small handout detailing the next steps to take to apply to open positions within the company

Attendees – there will be a wrap up of this forum combined with a campus recruiting forum at this Friday’s closing session The Ultimate Candidate Meets the Ideal Employer (Vendome).

Students Can Improve Their Communication Skills for Business

Campus recruiters joined together this morning for a discussion forum focused on “the ultimate candidate”.  One section of this conversation centered on the need for students to improve their communication skills which will then boost their success during the hiring process and in their careers. Employers cited the following areas of opportunities for students:

  • Honing professional phone conversation skills
  • Learning presentation skills and the optimal use of PowerPoint
  • The ability to easily transition between different types of interview questions (i.e. some questions only require a simple answer where other questions deserve a more detailed explanation with examples)
  • Improved business writing skills

Attendees – check out Friday’s closing session The Ultimate Candidate Meets the Ideal Employer (Vendome).

Sir Ken Talks about Creativity, Empathy and Innovation

Sir Ken Robinson addressed all the NACE12 attendees this morning with a thought-provoking presentation.

In business the price is high for the failure to adapt. He often hears business leaders ask how we can teach organizations to be more creative. How do we innovate to deliver new products and services so as not to become obsolete?

He says, “what we need are people who are open to possibilities and who are willing to act.” Under the right conditions people flourish and grow. Under models of compliance folks hunker down and protect themselves. People need opportunities to explore their imagination, empathy and creativity. They need time and diverse experiences to discover their passions and how to leverage their unique talents.

This discovery is even more critical since we are in a time of revolution including an unprecedented population expansion, rapid technological innovation and excessive demands on the environment.

For more check out Sir Ken Robinson’s book called The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything.

“No one has had the life you have had. You create your life.”

-Sir Ken Robinson

Backstage with Sir Ken Robinson!

NACE’s first keynote speaker, Sir Ken Robinson, just wrapped up. I hope you all enjoyed his presentation as much as I did. He is a brilliant man with fantastic wit that kept everyone intrigued and entertained. I hope you have all walked away with some new creative thoughts and ideas!

Here are pictures of me and Amanda Kaiser with Sir Ken backstage. Go meet him and continue the conversation from 10-10:45 in Chablis!

What people are talking about at NACE12

I’ve been listening to members talk about some fantastic programs, best practices, tips and innovations. Here are a few highlights:

Kevin Gaw at Georgia State University noted the red flags to identifying fraudulent job postings. Beware of emails or URLs that are similar but, not quite like a well-known company’s, phone numbers and emails that don’t work and offers that are too good to be true.

Vanessa Strauss explained that the FDIC has cut their offer time down to about a week making the hiring process much easier for students.

Louise Carrese from the Rochester Institute of Technology and Bob Raybits from Northrop Grumman shared the importance of carefully selecting advisory board members based on their individual ability to contribute to that particular board’s mission.

Nancy Holland with DirectEmployers talked about optimizing job postings for SEO. Research the words candidates use to search for your company, the position or industry and use those key words in the posting to get more quality applicants.

Niki Perkins with Baker College discussed how she has set up a LinkedIn Group for alumni and leveraged the jobs tab within the group to imbed pertinent job feeds.

There are so many great conversations going on at NACE12. Catch up on more great insights – search Twitter for #NACE12.

Professional Standards for University Relations and Recruiting

Jeff Goodman is heading up NACE’s new project to create professional standards for university relations and recruiting. He will be at the conference and he would love to connect with you on ideas for this project, standards you may already have created and possibly volunteering to help with thinking along the way.

Please stop by the NACE booth #203 Wednesday, June 13th at 12:30-1:30 pm or Thursday, June 14th at 9:45-10:15 am to talk about this super interesting project.

Can We Interview You?

We’re looking for 30 second to 1-minute video bites on a topic you are an expert in or what you like about the conference. If you see us in the exhibit hall, video lounge or one of the networking sessions feel free to flag us down. We want to interview you!

Meet the #NACE12 Staff!

On Tuesday, the NACE (female) Staff Members are wearing bright blue polo shirts. If you need any assistance today, keep an eye out for anyone wearing these shirts and feel free to approach them. Below is the NACE staff photo taken this morning. If you see any of us out and about, make sure you say hello!

 NACE Staff at the 2012 Conference & Expo